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Runescape News Burthorpe Games Room
Posted by Firenimmo
Posted at 26th November 2004, 9:20AM (GMT -0800)
Taken from The Prince of Burthorpe is well known for his love of games and puzzles. The Prince has decided to open his games rooms to the public, this way he can attract the best gamers from around RuneScape! The stairs down to the Burthorpe Games Rooms can be found in the entrance hall of the Prince's Castle in Burthorpe. There is no entrance fee and there is a bar to relax in between matches. Currently you can play Runelink and Draughts. Draughts uses the standard rules except for: a draw is declared if no piece has been taken or promoted for forty moves. In Runelink you have to connect four runes in a row to win. We have also made it so that you can enchant the sapphire necklace using the enchant lvl-1 Jewellery spell to give a games necklace. Rubbing this will teleport you to the games room. The games necklace works in much the same way as the ring of duelling, as it has eight charges and will disappear when you have used all of them. Some people may notice the fountain of heros has moved into the underground section of the hero's guild. This is because the new games necklace teleports players near to the hero's guild. As the dragonstone amulet is a form of teleporting which uses up absolutely no player resources we didn't want it to be too quick to recharge. It is still quicker to get from the games room to the new fountain of heros than it was to get from Falador to the old fountain of heros.

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