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RuneWeb News The Ballad of Seiferoth
Posted by Data
Posted at 28th December 2008, 4 hours, 54 minutes after sunset
Everyone have a good Chrismtas? Who cares!

The Roth dropped in to say goodbye @:

ABOUT TIME! (cock joke)
RuneWeb News Ba Rum-Pa Pum Pum
Posted by Data
Posted at 11th December 2008, 5 hours, 9 minutes before sunrise

I got everybody Pirates 3 on Blu-Ray. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
RuneWeb News Why? WHY THE HELL NOT
Posted by Data
Posted at 13th September 2008, 4 hours, 30 minutes before sunrise
RuneWeb News There's No Place Like Home [/RuneWeb]
Posted by Data
Posted at 9th June 2008, 6 hours, 9 minutes after sunrise
So this is it; this is the end (back off, Jim Morrison). This is the last official news post of RuneWeb, the resurrection of what was once the glorious RuneNews. The fate of the main site is still unknown, and it will doubtless linger for a time for whatever reason; but it won’t really be RuneWeb. For quite a while, a staff-challenged (like special education students, but worse) RuneWeb stayed strong and quite frankly refused to die, like the dying relative that nobody wants to be responsible for. But at some point you have to come to terms with things, and what goes up, must come down. So many years after December 26th, 2001, when Madcoder was spawned and brought with him RuneNews (along with the other founding fathers), we finally say g’day (on a side note, what happened to all the Aussies we used to have?)

I debated for a while whether or not to include some picture in this news post to give it some flare, color, and/or comedy, but I eventually decided against it (and I couldn’t find anything good enough). I also thought about posting some sort of quote or something, but I eventually came to the conclusion that that would be too cheesy. As such, this is it, plain and simple. RuneWeb has come to its’ reckoning.

In the epic ‘RuneWeb Closing’ topic on the forums, most people said personal goodbyes to their friends; I didn’t. I’m gratuitous to all those that had something to say to me, and the same to those that didn’t. Thing was, there was just too many people to say so many things to that I couldn’t do it. When I first came to RuneNews in what I think was 2004, I was just a little kid of age 12. Regardless of my attempts to prevent it from happening, a portion of my life was widely effected by the maniacal ravings of FBX, Catatifish doing what I still today believe to be hacking into RuneScape and getting valuable fansite stuff, Splatman showing pictures of his club life and cars, and odes to all things cinnamon by Firenimmo. But hey, I guess we all turned out all right. I leave with no hard feelings towards anyone. ‘THX U ALL’

I did promise one last RuneScape Guide, but I couldn’t do one when I realized just how much I hated writing guides (wonder why I wrote all the ones I did?) Everyone make sure to continue visiting RuneWeb IRC at #runeweb on IRC.SwiftIRC.Net and learn to mIRC (go figure).

Thus ends RuneNews/RuneWeb, as well as whatever it what supposed to be, and of course, what it actually became. I honorably say farewell to all on behalf of myself, all of the staff and the ex-staff, all of the members and the ex-members, and those 150 or so spam bots that used to pop by on the forums and post advertisements about pornography and medicine. It’s been fun.

Good night, and good luck.
RuneWeb News The Beginning of the End
Posted by Data
Posted at 4th June 2008, 0 hours, 16 minutes after sunset
As per request of the great firenimmo and the rest of the staff, we ask that all current or ex RuneWeb/RuneNews members post all pictures relating to RW/RN on this topic. Make sure you spread the word around as well, cause some people don't look at the site as often. And yes, I could have edited the last news post with this information, but hey, what are you gonna do - close the site on me?

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